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The Mystery Hour Holiday Spectacular & Sing Along

December 16, 2023 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

We’re doing this again—let’s spread some merriment! It’s time once again for the Mystery Hour Holiday Spectacular & Sing Along.
Saturday, December 16th
7:30 pm
Pythian Castle
We did this in 2021 to set up an annual show—but Jeff and Michelle instead had a baby instead last year. Guess what? No new baby this year, making this is the second annual.
So picture this, it’s cold outside, you pull up with your honey to a castle, a real-looking castle, you scurry inside, greeted by warmth and laughter. There’s some quirky “humor” from the Mystery Hour crew where they’re trying their best, but ultimately just makes you feel better about your own life choices in comparison. And, oh, what’s this? Everyone is joining in together to sing some carols, you drop your pretenses and join in because you haven’t had that warm fuzzy experience in a long time. There are interviews and a musical guest, you get in the car to drive away from the castle and whisper to your honey, “I had a great time with you, you’re my person.” You look into your honey’s eyes—only to realize you got in the wrong car, because you snuck a flask of eggnog in to the show and now you have some backpedaling to do.
Plus, we’ll be giving away the 2nd Annual Diverging Diamond Award to celebrate a person who, much like the distinguished diverging diamond, did something/is doing something unique and cool in the community deserving of recognition
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