Cooling Centers in the Ozarks

Summer is the warmest season of the year, from June to August in the northern hemisphere. According to Weather U.S., summers are hot and humid in Missouri with average high temperatures in the 80°F to 90°F range, but it is common to observe many days together that remain above 100°F. Extreme temperatures occur regularly in Missouri due to lack of mountain ranges and large water bodies.

Higher temperatures also means higher heat indexes; both with the ability to cause heat-related illnesses. If you see a child, pet, or unresponsive adult in a closed, parked vehicle, immediately call 911. For more information from Springfield-Greene County Health about signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses and tips to beat the heat, CLICK HERE.

Below is a list of cooling centers locations in the Ozarks the community can use to aid in staying safe in the heat this summer.

CLICK HERE to view Greene County Hot Weather Resources Map that includes the Cooling Center locations listed above, as well as Public Buildings with A/C locations and Connecting Grounds Water Refill Station locations.

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