Fireworks Sales Are Here!

From now through July 10, you can stock up on all your favorite fireworks for those epic Fourth of July celebrations. But before you rush to grab your sparklers and rockets, let’s go over some important rules and safety tips to make sure everyone has a blast without any hiccups.

Missouri Fireworks Rules You Need to Know:

  • Age Restrictions: Fireworks cannot be sold to kids under 14 unless they’re with a parent or guardian.
  • No-Fire Zones: It’s illegal to set off fireworks within 600 feet of any church, hospital, mental health facility, or school. Keep them at least 100 feet away from any place where fireworks are stored or sold.
  • Vehicles: Throwing fireworks from cars, boats, or any other vehicles is a big no-no.
  • Gas Stations: Never set off fireworks within 300 feet of a gasoline pump or station.

Extra Tips for a Safe Celebration

  • Boats and Docks: Avoid shooting off fireworks from boats or docks to prevent accidents.
  • Handling Emergencies: If a firework gets out of hand, have some water handy to douse the flames quickly.
  • Supervise Kids: Always make sure children are supervised when using fireworks. Sparkler burns are no joke—they can be more dangerous than you might think.
  • Know Your Local Laws: In Springfield, it’s illegal to set off fireworks within city limits. But remember, every city and county has its own rules. Always check the regulations for your area to stay on the right side of the law.

Fireworks season is only going to get bigger and better! With the Fourth of July on a Thursday this year and on a Friday next year, we’re looking forward to some amazing weekends of celebrations.

Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy the fireworks!

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