United Way’s “Day of Caring”

Yesterday, the Ozarks buzzed with a spirit of generosity as over 1,400 volunteers descended for United Way’s “Day of Caring”, the largest one-day volunteer event in southwest Missouri. In its 32nd year, this cherished tradition once again showcased the power of community, rallying together to support 40 nonprofits through a staggering 121 projects. With the backing of over 50 companies, the day was a testament to the collective goodwill and dedication of the Ozarks.

Before dispersing to various locations across the Ozarks, volunteers gathered over breakfast, fueling themselves not just with food but with a shared sense of purpose. For these dedicated individuals, Day of Caring isn’t just about giving back; it’s about the joy of connecting with coworkers and strengthening ties within their communities. As the sun set on a day filled with hard work and heartfelt camaraderie, it was clear that the spirit of giving in the Ozarks continues to shine brightly year after year.

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