One Springfield restaurant REOPENS, another CLOSING

 J.O.B. Public House is officially reopening!

The new owners of J.O.B. Public House recently announced the reopening of the restaurant on J.O.B Public House’s Facebook page.

See below the statement from J.O.B Public House…

“Okay friends, it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for!

Come to our first day of opening on Wednesday, April 10th, from 11am-bar close! We’ve put in many hours to test, prepare, and make sure everything is ready for you. Come grab a Full Ride or Pizza Balls & an ice cold pint, we’d love to see you all! ❤️

 J.O.B. Public House re-opening is Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 at 11 am.

 J.O.B. Public House is located at 319 E Walnut St in Springfield, Missouri.

For information about  J.O.B. Public House, CLICK HERE.

Classic Rock Coffee Downtown is closing.

The new owners of Classic Rock Coffee Downtown recently announced the closing of the coffee shop on Classic Rock Coffee Downtown’s Facebook page.

See below the statement from Classic Rock Coffee Downtown…

“In 2019, Brent and I decided to open a coffee shop in downtown Springfield. We loved Classic Rock Coffee and thought bringing a franchise downtown would be awesome. At the time, downtown was full of life and music and we wanted to join the party.

We all know what happened next, the pandemic! Lots of hard work and creativity kept our little shop open and we made it through.

Life changes and we have to adjust and it’s with heavy hearts that we have decided to close our little shop. Our last day of business will be April 26th.

We have appreciated all of our customers and friends that have supported our shop and we will miss you.

As the curtain closes, we look back at the last five years with no regrets. We have loved every bit of this journey. ♥️🤘☕️😎

Classic Rock Coffee Downtown last day of business will be April 26th, 2024.

Classic Rock Coffee Down is located at 535 W Walnut, in Springfield, Missouri.

For more information about Classic Rock Coffee Downtown, CLICK HERE.

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