TommyHawks Axe House CLOSING in Springfield

TommyHawks Axe House, located at 1631 W College St. in Springfield, Missouri, is closing.

TommyHawks Axe House last day in business is reported to be March 30th, 2024.

TommyHawks Axe House announced of their upcoming closing on their Facebook page. See the full statement below.

“words will always fall short when there is no way for you to say what’s truly in your heart.

when Tom and I looked to start our own business in 2017, I could see so much excitement in his eyes that I knew it would be amazing!

this would be our first business as spouses, and Lord knows we needed all the help we could get.

with some help from our family and our personal savings we found a building and started to build out the first axe house in Southwest Missouri (there was nothing even in Arkansas at the time). We had never seen such a thing in person, but stumbled across videos on YouTube from this crazy sport in Canada that was hitting the east coast. We knew we had to bring it here, and start our own brand. We ended up being the third Axe House finished in the state all opening within mere weeks of each other in early 2018.

Since then, we’ve seen thousands of locals and out of state patrons, held numerous large scale tournaments, hosted countless leagues, and we’ve created memories to last a lifetime.

When I say we wouldn’t be who we are without you, that’s the God’s honest truth. We are so thankful for each individual that has supported this endeavor from day one and the many who continue to come through our doors each week.

I guess I’ve always been one to recount memories to ease life’s difficult decisions. I could pull up hundreds of photos of the ones that mean so much to me. but, for now, I will post the photo of Tom I took when we found this building.

There are 17,000 plus reasons we have enjoyed this season in our lives, and we hope you have to!

Our last day in business will be March 30th.

We hope that you will come support us in these next few weeks!! to use up those Axe Passes, and create some lasting memories.

I will be posting more info in the weeks to come…but as always….thank you, Springfield.

for welcoming us. for supporting us. and for loving us.

the feeling is mutual.”

TommyHawks Axe House is a 12,000 square foot Missouri axe-throwing venue.

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