Stardust Ballroom NOW OPEN in Springfield

Stardust Ballroom is NOW OPEN in Springfield!

Stardust is not just a ballroom; it’s a social oasis. Make new friends, reminisce with old ones and create a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for dance and fun. Enjoy live performances by The Stardust House Band, whimsical cocktails and classic memories. – The Stardust Ballroom

Stardust Ballroom is a newly renovated ballroom, that features 60 private tables, a stage featuring live big band ensembles, romantic lights, dazzling decor, and an 1,800 sq. foot dance floor.

Stardust Ballroom is located at 305 W Walnut Lawn Suite TT, in Springfield, Missouri.

CLICK HERE to visit Stardust Ballroom’s Facebook page.

For more information about The Stardust Ballroom, CLICK HERE.

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