Bible Baptist College Becoming Mission University

Bible Baptist College recently shared they are becoming Mission University.

Mission Univeristy, formerly Bible Baptist College, President Mark Milioni, announced of the name change.

In the launch video, President Milioni, “Our new name, Mission University, truly exemplifies our storied past, our present purpose, and our future hopes. This name tells the word that we are committed to fulfilling the mission God has for us.”

President Milioni also shares Mission University’s new Mission Statement, “Mission University educates, inspires, and equips students to serve as effective Christian leaders.”

CLICK HERE to watch the full launch video from Mission Univeristy.

According to Mission University’s website, “Mission University, founded in 1950, is a private Christian college that specializes in ministry and professional studies degrees. MissionU has a long heritage of producing Christian professionals and ministers; offering accredited degrees at the associate, bachelor, and masters levels.

Mission University is in the business of seeing students’ lives changed through the Gospel to equip them to impact others for life change as well. This is our lifeblood. We are MissionU.”

Mission University is located at 628 E Kearney Street, in Springfield, Missouri.

For more information about Mission Univeristy, CLICK HERE.

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