The 38th Annual Ozzie Awards

The Springfield Regional Arts Council recently held its 38th Annual Ozzie Awards!

The Springfield Regional Arts Councils Ozzie Awards was Saturday, October 14th, at Springfield-Branson National Airport.

The Ozzie Awards are an annual celebration of the arts, that honor the remarkable individuals and organizations who have shaped the artistic landscape of The Ozarks. “The Ozzie Awards is a time to celebrate not only the outstanding achievements of the arts but also those who have contributed their time, dedication, and unwavering passion to make a difference in our vibrant community.” – Springfield Regional Arts Council

According to a news release from the Springfield Regional Arts Council, the 2023 Ozzie Awards winners and their respective award categories are as follows…

  • The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Randy Russell.
  • The Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Larry Askren.
  • The Arts Champion Award was presented to Judith Enyeart Reynolds School of the Arts at Missouri State University.
  • The Arts Ambassador Award was presented to Joshua Best.
  • Excellence in Arts Education Award was presented to Steve Willis.

CLICK HERE to view the finalists for 2023 Ozzie Awards categories.

CLICK HERE for more information about each category and the winner selection process.

CLICK HERE for more information about the 38th Annual Ozzie Awards.

For more information about the Springfield Regional Arts Council, CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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