Kansas City Royals Release Renderings of New Stadium

The Kansas City Royals recently released renderings of the teams proposed $2 billion baseball stadium.

The Kansas City Royals shared their plans, including images and details, for two potential ballpark and entertainment district sites currently in consideration.

The first location in consideration is East Village in downtown Kansas City, the second location in North Kansas City.

In the news release, Royals president of business operations Brooks Sherman said, “We’ve got work to do at a number of fronts to get to our decision on this, but we thought it was the right time here as we’ve gotten both of these developed. We thought it was the right time for the transparency of both and to show the community what could be no matter where we go.”

The Kansas City Royals also shared at both sites, the organization has estimated the development would cost more than $2 billion, split between the stadium and a surrounding ballpark district.

The Kansas City Royals are aiming to make a final decision between the two sites by the end of September 2023, with the hope of the new stadium to be built by Opening Day 2028.

The Kansas City Royals current stadium, Kauffman Stadium, current lease ends in 2031.

To read the full news release from the Kansas City Royals, CLICK HERE.

For additional details, images, and to learn more about the expected economic impacts of the potential ballpark and entertainment district sites of the Kansas City Royals, CLICK HERE to read more on the Royals’ ballpark district website.

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