Cassidy Station Events NOW OPEN!

Cassidy Station Events is NOW OPEN in Nixa, Missouri!

Cassidy Station currently has a flower shop, a mercantile store, and now an event space on the Estes Farm.

The event space offers the option for a variety of events, including both large and small events, such as a wedding, shower, birthday party, or private farm to table dinner, and more.

“Cassidy Station is a place where we value heritage, farm, and home. To honor 150 years of Estes Farms, we began restoring our family farmstead in Cassidy, Missouri as of 2022. This heritage project consists of several phases which are all a means to continue the legacy that is Estes Farms. The farm is being fully renovated and opened to the public in order to preserve our history and positively impact our community for generations to come. The first phase, Cassidy Mercantile, is NOW OPEN. Come by for a cup of coffee and enjoy the charm of the farm.” – Cassidy Station website

Cassidy Station at Estes Farms is located at 5176 N Fremont Rd, Nixa, MO.

For more information about Cassidy Station at Estes Farms, CLICK HERE to visit their website. CLICK HERE to visit their Facebook page.

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