2023 Small Business Award Recipient – KARE Health & Wellness

CONGRATULATIONS to KARE Health & Wellness for being named the recipient of the 2023 Small Business Award!

The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce recently announced KARE Health & Wellness as the recipient of the 2023 W. Curtis Strube Small Business Award! “This award, presented by the Chamber’s Small Business Council since 1992, celebrates the success of the organization’s small business members and recognizes the important role small businesses and entrepreneurs play in the local economy.” – Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce

CLICK HERE to read the full news release from Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

KARE Health & Wellness is a personalized, restorative, and healing, Functional Medicine & Integrative Care Practice, dedicated to helping people address the root cause of their symptoms in order to restore health, prevent disease, and get their life back! – KARE Health & Wellness

KARE Health & Wellness is located at 1435 E Bradford Pkwy, Suite 105, in Springfield, MO.

To learn more about KARE Health & Wellness, CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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