McBride Elementary named Best Inclusive School Playground in America!

McBride Elementary‘s Mr. Nick’s Inclusive Playground was recently named the Best Inclusive School Playground in America!!!

Mr. Nicks Playground is named to honor former Springfield Public Schools special education teacher, Nick Hostler, who passed away in 2018. According to a news release, Mr. Nick noticed and voiced a lack of play opportunities for special ed students and hoped to make a more inclusive environment.

Mr. Nick’s hope came true in 2020 when McBride Elementary Inclusive Playground opened! The playground is designed for ALL McBride students to play together. The playground includes easy-access ramps, zip-line swings, a biplane, inclusive whirl, maypole and universal swings, a ground level merry-go-round, interactive panels, and more!

According to Soliant, a news release stated, “…This playground has continued to be a springboard for other inclusive play structures in surrounding communities. Mr. Nick helped create a legacy of compassion, and the project continues to unite the McBride and southwest community,” said Lael Streight, McBride Elementary Principal.

McBride Elementary is located at 5005 S. Farm Rd. 135 in Springfield. The playground is open to the public, excluding regular school hours.

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