All Things Diverse SGF APP!

As Black History Month ends, we want to share exciting news that can help people around the Ozarks CONTINUE to support local and support black-owned businesses!

Duan Gavel, and his wife Michelle, have developed an app, All Things Diverse SGF, to help promote Black-owned businesses in Springfield. How awesome is this?!

“We showcase the rich diversity here in Springfield, Missouri. Our mission is to build and grow the community of Springfield by connecting them to businesses, professionals, resources, and organizations from diverse backgrounds. By working together and sharing resources we can assist Greater Springfield in growing economically and culturally. Please share the word to everyone to download our mobile application. This application very well might be that missing link of connecting someone to our community. Thank you for your support, Springfield!” – Co-Founders, Duan & Michelle Gavel

For more information and links to your favorite app store to download All Things Diverse SGF, CLICK HERE.

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