Springfield Ranked BEST LOCATION for Remote Workers

Springfield has been recently ranked the BEST LOCATION for remote workers according to The Wall Street Journal‘s list of “Top 10 Place for Remote Workers.”

The findings were based on a nationwide poll conducted by a survey firm, Ipsos. Some of the factors included in the poll being, the percentage of households with access to 100mbps internet, average price for high-speed internet, price and size of houses, lower cost of living, unemployment rate, proximity to airport, restaurants per household, art venues per household, and households within half a mile of a park. The results from that poll were then examined, formed, and curated by WSJ.

In total, THREE CITIES in Missouri made the WSJ’s list of “Top 10 Place for Remote Workers.” Joplin, Missouri was ranked number 2 and St. Louis, Missouri, was ranked number 8.

Although working remote is still relatively a newer concept, there is no denying that it is attractive to many; and according to data, remote work will only increase in popularity.

According to extensive research from Zippia, 26% of U.S. employees work remotely, 40% of workers believe that they are more productive while working at home, as opposed to the office, 16% of U.S. companies are fully remote, and remote jobs make up 15% of work opportunities in the US, as of 2022.

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