The New Springfield Flag Included in the 25 Highest-Rated New City Flags

Springfield has had a new official city flag for the past 9 months. The new flag was rose in March 2022.

The City of Springfield website describes the flag as such, “The new flag features a dark blue and white eight-pointed emblem, called the “Compass Crown” in the center. The compass point design represents Springfield’s role as a crossroads to the nation. The crown is a reference to Springfield’s nickname, Queen City of the Ozarks. Three four-pointed stars represent three elements of the city: innovative spirit, connection with nature and Ozarks culture. A broad white horizontal stripe is meant to symbolize the Ozark Plateau, on which Springfield was built, and Route 66. A light blue background represents Ozarks water and skies.”

THIS MONTH, in January 2023, the new Springfield flag was ranked one of the best in the country in a survey by NAVA. How awesome! CLICK HERE to view the ’25 Highest-Rated New City Flags’ and the ’25 Lowest-Rated New City Flags’.

NAVA, also known as North American Vexillological Association, is The Worlds Largest Organization of Flag Enthusiasts and Scholars. CLICK HERE to find out more about the organization.

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