Community Partnership of the Ozarks is sharing an important message about difficult times or feelings that can occur near the holidays and ways you can help not only yourself through the holidays, but others too, to aid in alleviating the hard times.

“During the holiday season many report experiencing increased stress related to family issues, but for some, that stress and negative emotional impact can also come from the lack of family. At a time when family traditions and togetherness is promoted, not having those connections can lead to isolation, sadness, anger and depression among other things. A great way to alleviate this is to consider contacting a local nursing home or long-term care facility and visiting their residents! Many people, particularly elderly long term care residents, no longer have family, or do not get many visitors. Spending time just talking to them can make all the difference, for you and for them, and can lead to new friendships! For more information, CLICK HERE.” – Community Partnership of the Ozarks

Volunteering is giving time, energy, and attention to someone else to make life better. A few ideas one could do while volunteering this holiday season, from the article from Community Partnership of the Ozarks mentions, are sharing gifts, listening to one another, visiting with kids, offering assistance with chores or decorations, and more.

Spread the holiday cheer and magic of the season this Christmas by volunteering!

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